Exclusive, enclosed, secure

dog walking


Paw Paddock is an exclusive, enclosed and secure dog walking facility. Currently, we have two paddocks for you to choose from – Donnington and Westbourne.

Both paddocks offer 3 acres, fully enclosed by 6ft fences, which provide the perfect setting to allow your dog the freedom it deserves, off the lead in an exclusive environment.

£5 for 25 minutes | £10 for 55 minutes.

Take the worry out of exercising your dogs – Come and visit us soon

Paw Paddock secure, enclosed, exclusive dog walking chichester

How it works

Using Paw Paddock is very simple.

  1. Make a booking at your chosen location
  2. Arrive at the given time
  3. Only enter the enclosure if it is empty, if not wait in your car
  4. Drive into the enclosure, shutting gates behind you
  5. Let your dog out the car
  6. Make sure the occupied sign is showing
  7. Enjoy a relaxing walk with your dog, unrestrained by a lead!
  8. Dog back in the car, turn the sign around and shut the gates on your way out

We look forward to seeing you at your chosen Paw Paddock.

1. New Location!

New Paw Paddock opening soon! watch this space.

2. Donnington

Manor Farm, Donnington, Chichester, PO20 7PL

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3. Westbourne

Old Farm Lane, Westbourne, Emsworth, PO10 8RU

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