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    We’re looking for new paddocks across the UK, offering competitive rates of up to £1,000 per acre per annum



  • About Paw Paddock

    Paw Paddock is an exclusive, enclosed and secure dog walking facility. We opened our first paddock in November 2018 and since have built two more, with many more to follow. We create the safest environment for people to walk their dogs, 6ft high fences, secure car parks and solid footpaths all installed. Our customers book the paddock with exclusive use to cater for reactive dogs, dogs lacking a recall, puppy training or owners that simply want some exclusivity during their walk.

    What we’re looking for…

    • Size: 2 – 5 acres
    • Tenure: Leasehold (Freehold will be considered)
    • Terms: Up to £1000, per acre per annum, 10 year lease with index linked rent reviews.
    • Planning: Full planning application managed and submitted by Paw Paddock Ltd, for a change of use of agricultural land
    • Services: Access to mains water supply preferable, installation an option.
    • Access: Alongside or near a main road preferable, smart field design can offer some flexibility.
    • Demographic: Within reasonable distance of a populace.

    What’s in it for you?

    • Competitive land rental rates
    • That land that you never use or is low yield? That’s what we’re after
    • We take on all the installation, admin and setup costs
    • We manage everything and you take on no risk
    • All structures are in keeping with standard farming materials

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