Terms and Conditions

1.0 How Paw Paddock Works

1.1 No more than 3 dogs per session at our East Meon, Fareham, Bullington & Westbourne sites and up to 6 dogs are allowed at our Donnington site and up to 4 dogs at our Portsdown Hill, Wickham and Horsham site.

1.2 Please vacate within your allotted time of either 25 or 55 minutes

1.3 Our Westbourne, Donnington and East Meon paddock opens at 6am and closes at 9pm. Our Bullington, Horsham, Fareham, Portsdown Hill and Wickham opens at 7am and closes at 8pm (8am-8pm on Sundays). If we see you using the paddock outside of these times, we have the right to remove you from the premises and call the police.

2.0 At your own risk

2.1 Our paddocks are large outdoor spaces, and do contain areas of uneven ground which could be concealed under long grass or other vegetation, has overhanging branches from trees around the edges which may fall or have fallen and could contain other hazards consistent with the countryside.

2.2 Use of the paddock shall be entirely at your own risk. The Landowner/Paw Paddock Ltd accepts no liability for the death of, or injury to, any person/dog or for damage to any property. We also accept no liability for any losses, claims, actions, damages, costs/expenses or other liability incurred by you during the use of the paddock.

2.3 You agree not to let anyone else into the paddock other than friends or family members you have brought with you to enjoy walking your dogs.

2.4 By bringing friends or family, or sending somebody in place of you, you agree that you take full responsibility for their safety and for ensuring that they abide by these terms and conditions at all times whilst using the field.

2.5 Any use of our agility equipment is completely at your own risk and you are totally responsible for the welfare of your children and your dog(s) at all times

2.6 Users must report any accident, incident or injury to us immediately by contacting bookings@pawpaddock.co.uk or calling us on 01243 963952.

3.0 Child safety

3.1 You are welcome to bring your children to the field, but they must be supervised at all times, and you are responsible for making sure that they do not injure themselves or break any of these terms and conditions.

3.2 Please be aware that the field has not been made child safe, and users must respect the area and contents.

3.3 Children must NOT be allowed to climb our fences, gates or agility equipment and anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

4.0 Fencing

4.1 Although we will be inspecting and maintaining the fence regularly, holes or other damage to the fence may occur from time to time due to a number of reasons including digging by dogs or other animals, falling trees or branches, and general wear and tear. If you become aware of any issue with the state of the fence, please let us know immediately and we will make our customers and maintenance team aware by emailing bookings@pawpaddock.co.uk or calling us on 01243 963952.

4.2 Paw Paddock Ltd aims to be a safe space where you can confidently let your dog(s) off lead without having to worry about recall/the presence of another dog(s). Nevertheless, in the absence of any negligence, we are not responsible for your dog(s) escaping and/or leaving the paddock, or you encountering another dog(s). You must ensure that, at all times during use of the paddock, you act as a responsible dog owner.

4.3 Our fence boundary is 6 foot in height. If your Dog(s) breach these boundaries, we will not be held responsible. It is totally and completely your responsibility to gauge your Dogs ability of escaping from these boundaries

5.0 Parking & valuables

5.1 Vehicles are parked at owner’s risk. Paw Paddock Ltd cannot be held responsible for any accidents, damage or loss incurred to vehicles or their contents and valuables.

5.2 Please only park on the hardstanding within the field gate and not outside it in any circumstance. Do not park or drive on the grass.

5.3 A maximum of 2 cars are allowed per visit.

5.4 No one is to arrive on site before their allotted time and must leave the site at the end of their session promptly, always allowing the 5 minute buffer period.

5.5 Please be courteous of other users of our car park area and do not block in any other Car at any time.

5.6 Please keep your dog safely secured in your car until the dog using the paddock prior to you, is safely in their own car and exited the paddock.

6.0 Bookings

6.1 All bookings must be paid for in advance.

6.2 Payments are either made through Stripe or paid for through our website.

6.3 No cash must be left at the field.

6.4 It is possible to both cancel 24 hours prior to your session or reschedule bookings by logging into your account on our booking system. If you are past the 24-hour cancellation period you will not be able to reschedule or get a refund for your booking.

6.5 If we deem it appropriate to cancel your booking, for example due to extreme weather conditions, we will offer an alternative date and time or a full refund.

7.0 Doggie & owner etiquette

7.1 Pick up your dog poo, we have biodegradable poo bags and bins provided to make it an easy task, this also means keeping an eye on your dog to make sure you don’t miss them pooing around the paddock. Spot checks do take place.

7.2 No latex gloves, chewing gum, cigarettes, food etc in the dog bins.

7.3 Only dog waste and the bags provided.

7.4 Please discourage your dog from digging, this can make our fields unsecure and dangerous to others.

7.5 Any holes dug must be refilled and reported for safety and security reasons – please contact us by emailing bookings@pawpaddock.co.uk or calling us on 01243 963952.

7.6 Users must ensure the hose is not left running after use.

7.7 Dogs must regularly treated for flea, tick and worm prevention and fully vaccinated.

7.8 Do not drop litter or leave toys or uneaten treats in the field or in the shelter. Dogs may swallow them and become ill so please take everything home with you at the end of your session. Also, this makes for a lovely clean environment for all our dog walking community.

7.9 Paw Paddock Ltd take no responsibility for any dog that gets unwell or dies from anything ingested or come in contact with at one of our Paddocks. We also accept no liability for any costs/expenses or other liability incurred by you during the use of the paddock.

7.10 Do not bring your dog to the field if they are or have been unwell in the last 48 hours. Doing so could be harmful to other dog.

7.11 If your dog has shown signs of Kennel Cough, Sickness or Diarrhoea in the past 72 hours, we request that you do not use our facilities.

7.12 No smoking anywhere on site.

8.0 Using the paddocks

8.1 You must enter the paddock and close the gate before letting your dog(s) out of your vehicle to ensure the safety of the dog(s), nearby road users and members of the public.

8.2 Please ensure that you arrive on time and vacate the paddock on time, leaving it secure at the end of your booking. There is a 5-minute gap between bookings to avoid people and their dogs meeting, please remain in your car until the person before has vacated the paddock. All dogs must not be let out of your car until the gates are shut.

8.3 If the previous appointment is still in the paddock when your booking is due to start, please inform us immediately on 01243 963952.

8.4 Please respect the neighbours. If your dog persistently barks it will result in the use of the paddock being withdrawn for your use.

8.5 Do not use equipment in wet or icy conditions as surfaces become slippery.

8.6 This agreement does not create any rights over the land and clients hiring the field accepts the landowner maintains control and possession of the dog paddock at all time.

9.0 Updates

9.1 We may need to vary these terms and conditions from time to time, so make sure to check back on our website frequently: www.pawpaddock.co.uk.

9.2 By making a booking, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions on the website at the time of making your booking.

10.0 Personal data

10.1 We require some of your personal data to allow you to book with us. This data is; First Name, Last Name, Contact Number, Postal Address and Email Address. This data is required to be able to contact you with booking confirmations so you can use the facility. Your data is stored with our online booking system provider and 3rd party email platform Mailchimp.

10.2 Refer to our Privacy and Cookie Policy for further details: https://pawpaddock.co.uk/privacy-and-cookie-policy/