Our Westbourne paddock is 3 acres and surrounded by farmland, there is a shelter to keep you from getting too wet in the winter and a bench to have a natter with friends and family.

It still has the same quality and security as our other paddocks and is fully enclosed with 6ft high fences, which are dug into the ground with an extra layer of fine fencing around the bottom so no smaller dogs can escape underneath.

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You are allowed to bring up to 3 dogs in our Westbourne paddock and we provide poo bags, waste bins and also 3 water sources; one in the parking area to wash down your pooch, one in the middle of the paddock and the other for your pooch to have a drink over by the shelter.

Our paddocks provide the perfect setting to allow your dog the freedom it deserves, off the lead in an exclusive environment.

Agility Equipment Includes: A Frame, Jumps, Seasaw & Podium.

£5 for 25 minutes | £10 for 55 minutes.

“Best idea ever to have field fenced off where you can let your doggies big or small run around free without worry, £5 is great affordable price for 25 min for our hounds, we use on average 5 times per week, I just wish there was more place like this in Sussex 😁”

Monika Sopkuliakova

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